The price of caravans, motor homes and tents is a one-time fee paid in advance.
When the booking fee is paid you have a guaranteed spot.
If you don’t pay your booking fee within two weeks your reservation will be canceled.

All prices are in Swedish Krona (SEK)

ObjectPrice per carriage
Caravan700 kr.
Motor home700 kr.
Tent inc. car500 kr.
Tent200 kr.
Extra car300 kr.
Bus > 8mtr.3500 kr.

As regards the daily rate it depends on your arrival, the price is for the entire festival. This fee is payed when you arrive at the camping site.

Day of arrivalPrice per person
Sunday500 kr.
Monday500 kr.
Tuesday450 kr.
Wednesday400 kr.
Thursday350 kr.
Friday300 kr.
Saturday250 kr.

Fore example, if you are arriving with a caravan on Thursday and are three persons, then the total price will be:

700kr+(350kr*3st) = 1750kr

If you arrive with a van, minibus or car and attempt to sleep in it, you fill out motor home in the booking form.

A vehicle over eight meters (e.g. buses) requires special places, for a booking of these please contact John at email: booking@rosenlundscamping.com or call:+46 (70)-6081040